Monday, March 22, 2010

Keepin' it Real

The McDonald's "Gimme back that filet-o-fish" commercial has officially been in my head periodically for a year. I'm so glad they brought that sad mounted fish back for another Lenten season.

Recently the screaming fish in my head was replaced by a smoother jingle. "When it's real. You know when it's real." Ironically when I saw this commercial today it was for a competing less-catchy fish sandwich at Wendy's. The commercial touted fish that was "Real without question."

This all seemed pretty trivial until one commercial later a K.F.C. commercial cited their chicken was prepared in their kitchens...."by a REAL cook." Really Colonel?

I even saw a mayonnaise commercial recently touting real ingredients with a maternal figure (who was way too happy about mayo) encouraging me to, "say yes to real."

This past week, while enjoying some chicken nuggets I noticed the container they were in said they too were made with "Real Chicken." And we all know that same joint serves 100% real beef in their burgers.

Apparently, real-ity is all around me.

"Real" seems to be the favorite word of food marketing companies nationwide. Is it the new green? But, what does it really mean? I just had some Chicken flavored Ramen for dinner. Did I imagine that? Tasted real.

I can't help but wonder what all of this advertising says about consumers. While I consider the beef we produce and eat in our home to be real...I'm not sure what constitutes this marketing sanction. As a beef producer I'm convinced I better figure it out, because judging by the work of market researchers this is a real priority.


  1. What a great though provoking post! Think of all of the "real" applications...

  2. Great thought, thanks for sharing!
    ~ Amy

  3. Very interesting. Hadn't put all the pieces together until you mentioned it.

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  5. My father run a small cattle enterpise in Western Kansas at one time running about 400 head of Herfords and was a respected breeder. I was raised feeding (and chasing, and birthing, and 4-H Ing) cattle as well as Wheat Farming. How I miss it!
    You are Blessed to be out in the beautiful Flint Hills with the Cattle!

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